CogAbility was founded in 1993 by former IBM engineer, consultant, and technology author Jim Hoskins. We have a long history of excellence in helping businesses leverage technology through our publications, mobile apps, and complete cognitive solutions.

Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer Jim Hoskins was an early pioneer in applying machine learning to solve real-world problems. He was on the team developing next generation avionics for the Space Shuttle program that included speech recognition technology. He was also part of the IBM Personal Computer development team working with top IBM speech recognition research labs in New York, Paris, and London. Jim has authored over 40 books on IBM technology including the Exploring IBM series which sold over 350,000 copies in 12 languages.

As one of the first 75 companies invited to work with the IBM Watson team, CogAbility leverages the latest cognitive computing technology, machine learning, and natural language processing to help businesses gain competitive advantage in exciting new ways, go after emerging markets, and develop whole new business models.

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