B2B Appendix: B2B Website list

Appendix – B2B Website List

Web Sites of Interest to the B-to-B Marketer

There are potentially hundreds of Web sites that might be of interest to an Internet marketer. The best way to find them is to use the major Web search engines, entering combinations of appropriate keywords. After you find a site of value to you, be sure to add it to your browser as a bookmark.

In an effort to reduce your search time, we have compiled and categorized a list of sites, along with a brief description of each, that I think you might find especially useful. All of these sites are linked on the book’s companion Web site. Unfortunately, Web sites are disappearing on a frequent basis, so it pays to use the companion Web site to access the most current links.

All of these URLs start with http://, which most browsers recognize, so I have not listed it. URLs typically are not case sensitive, but it is best to enter addresses in all lowercase.

Best E-mail Newsletters about Marketing (subscribe free at the following sites)

www.1to1.com Peppers and Rogers Group—Marketing 1to1

www.btobonline.com B2B Alert

www.clickz.com ClickZ

www.ecommercetimes.com E-Commerce Times

www.emarketer.com eMarketer

www.internetnews.com InternetNews.com

www.wdfm.com Larry Chase’s Web Digest for Marketers

www.wilsonweb.com Web Marketing Today

Advertising, Direct Marketing, Marketing, and Sales

www.adage.com Advertising Age Newsletters

www.ana.net Association of National Advertisers

www.brandchannel.com All about brands

www.brandweek.com BrandWeek magazine

www.btobonline.com BtoB magazine

www.chiefmarketer.com Chief Marketer

www.clickz.com ClickZ Internet Marketing Network

www.colloquy.com Loyalty marketing

www.dbmarketing.com Database Marketing Institute

www.directmag.com DIRECT magazine

www.dmnews.com DM News

www.dmplaza.com Direct marketing resource site

www.ecommercetimes.com e-Commerce Times

www.emarketer.com eMarketer news and statistics

www.freepromote.com Free Web site promotion

www.infousa.com InfoUSA (compiled lists)

www.justsell.com Sales portal

www.linkpopularity.com Web page rankings

www.marketing.org Business Marketing Association

www.marketingcentral.com MarketingCentral portal

www.mediafinder.com Media information

www.optinnews.com Opt-in News

www.promotingyoursite.com Traffic Blazer (site promotion)

www.publist.com PubList, Internet directory of publications

www.shop.org An association of Internet retailers

www.smei.org Sales and Marketing Executives International

www.srds.com SRDS—list information online

www.targetonline.com Target Marketing magazine

www.the-dma.org Direct Marketing Association

www.usps.gov U.S. Postal Service, Internet Branch

www.wdfm.com Web Digest for Marketers

www.webpromote.com WebPromote e-mail marketing information

www.whosmailingwhat.com Source of direct mail samples

www.wilsonweb.com Wilsonweb’s Web marketing information

Internet Advertising Networks and Placement

www.247realmedia.com 24/7 RealMedia

www.doubleclick.com DoubleClick

Affiliate Marketing Directories

www.associate-it.com Associate-It

www.cashpile.com Cash Pile

www.refer-it.com Refer-It

Business Information

www.all-biz.com The “all business network”

www.bpubs.com Business publications search engine

www.business2.com Business 2.0 magazine

www.ceoexchange.com Online topics and discussion for CEOs


CIA World Fact Book

www.companysleuth.com Competitive intelligence

www.countrywatch.com Country-by-country news

www.emarketer.com eMarketer news and statistics

www.fastcompany.com FAST COMPANY magazine

www.firstgov.gov U.S. federal government search site

www.forbes.com Forbes magazine

www.fortune.com Fortune magazine

www.gomez.com Gomez Web site ratings

www.hoovers.com Company information

www. ideacafe.com A nifty site for small businesses

www.inc.com Small/medium-sized business Web site

www.infousa.com Information for small business

www.netlibrary.com Net Library

www.nyt.com The New York Times

www.thomasregister.com Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

www.uspto.gov U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

www.wsj.com The Wall Street Journal

E-mail/E-marketing List Vendors, Services, and Technologies

www.acxiomdigital.com. Acxiom/Digital

www.easymailinteractive.com EasyMail

www.e-dialog.com e-Dialog

www.imakenews.com iMakeNews

www.indimi.com Indimi

www.marketfirst.com Market First

www.responsys.com Responsys

www.returnpath.com ReturnPath

www.topica.com Topica

www.worldata.com Worldata

www.yesmail.com Yes Mail

Internet and Internet News

www.businessweek.com/ebiz/ BusinessWeek’s “e.biz”

www.cio.com CIO magazine

www.commerce.net Industry consortium for Internet commerce

www.internet.com All things Internet

www.internetworld.com Internet World

www.news.com C|Net’s news site

www.thestandard.com The Industry Standard magazine

www.wired.com Wired News

Internet Research

www.aberdeen.com Aberdeen Group

www.computereconomics.com Computer Economics

www.commerce.net/research Commerce.net and Nielsen Media Research

www.emarketer.com Comprehensive statistics

www.forrester.com Forrester Research

www.fulcrumanalytics.com Fulcrum Analytics

www.gartner.com Gartner, Inc.

www.greenfieldonline.com Greenfield Online

www.iab.net Internet Advertising Bureau

www.idc.com IDC

www.npd.com NPD Group

www.netratings.com Nielsen/Net Ratings

www.omniture.com Omniture

www.webcriteria.com Web Criteria

www.webreference.com Web reference site for

www.mycomputer.com Web statistics and services

www.webtrends.com Web Trends

www.yankeegroup.com Yankee Group

Launching Pads, Time Savers, and Cool Things

www.555-1212.com Telephone lookup

www.ceoexpress.com Information starting point

www.corporateinformation.com Corporate information

www.dictionary.com Word definitions

www.download.com Software downloads

www.freewebtools.com Free Web tools

www.jumbo.com Free and shared software downloads

www.learn2.com Learn about anything

www.mapquest.com The Internet’s premier mapping service

www.productnews.com Thousands of products in one place

www.spyonit.com Seamless messaging

www.stpt.com My Starting Point

www.technewsworld.com Real-time tech news

www.traffick.com Search engine blog

www.weather.com Check the weather anywhere

www.whatis.techtarget.com Plain-English definitions for tech terms

Leading Information Technology Super-sites

www.cnet.com C|Net

www.idg.net IDG Net

www.internet.com Internet.com

www.techrepublic.com Tech Republic

www.techtarget.com TechTarget

www.techweb.com TechWeb

www.zdnet.com ZDnet

Web Portals and Search Engines

www.about.com About

www.allonesearch.com All One Search

www.altavista.com Alta Vista

www.ask.com Ask

www.dogpile.com Dogpile

www.go.com Go

www.google.com Google

www.excite.com Excite

www.hotbot.com HotBot

www.lycos.com Lycos

www.msn.com MSN

www.netscape.com Netscape

www.northernlight.com Northern Light

www.webcrawler.com WebCrawler

www.yahoo.com Yahoo!

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