CogAbility Acceleration Platform
The CogAbility Acceleration Platform (TM) together with Cognitive University (TM) provide a complete end-to-end cognitive workflow that accelerates solution development, deployment, and Watson training shortening time to value for cognitive solutions.

IBM SmartSeller
A case study

When the IBM decided to roll out a ground-breaking cognitive sales enablement application for their sellers all around the world, they chose CogAbility and the CogAbility Acceleration Platform. It’s called IBM SmartSeller and it’s being deployed right now to thousands of IBM Sellers and Business Partners around the world. And based on this success, other IBM groups are coming onboard the CogAbility Acceleration Platform.

IBM SmartSeller Quick Start

Here is a quick start video that demonstrates the basic functions of IBM SmartSeller.



Whether your are just starting to think about applying cognitive computing to your world or you’ve already started your cognitive journey and are looking to accelerate success, CogAbility and the CogAbility Acceleration Platform can help you.

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